November 19, 2019

Here is the list courtesy of Dan for Track last PM — I suspect a few may have been missed or forgotten and also really want to confirm Andrew was at the track — so let me know today before I submit the formal list to Laura Brenner for posting.

Thanks — Jeff

ON THE TRACK: Barber P, Kirchner J (AM) Doug Arndt, Boben, B, Boben M, Dever, A, Dever S, Fife, Getz, Griffith, Hickie, Hodge, Kalinowski, Longenecker, Luff,  Lyons, Macneil, Matula, McMillan D, McMillan J, Mohler, Moore, Nesbitt, Newcomer, Peterson, Petraco , Richter B, Richter C,  Rissinger E, Rissinger T, Roth, Stauffer, Stoltzfus, Ubriaco, Watson G, Watson L, Zook, Cubbison, Kelinhaus

CHECK INS/ Done**: Cope, Horst A, Horst S, Boben J **, Oles, Geissinger, Previti, Bentz, Maher **, Lachman, Hopkins (Iowa), Sollenberger, Goodling, Stoudt

Big weekend ahead in Philadelphia with 8K/ 1/2 M Saturday – Full Marathon Sunday

D1, 2, 3 XC Nationals – will be on FLOTRAK 

Saturday, November 23

1 10:45 AM – Nov 23  2019 DIII NCAA XC Championships

2 11:15 AM – Nov 23 – 2019 DI NCAA XC Championships

3 1:00 PM – Nov 23 –   2019 DII NCAA XC Championships

Track Club WOW party – December 10th

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