November 12, 2019

Coldest night of the season for sure on the track tonight but with the majority of our runners doing the “Morris” workout. 8K

Sorry there was not PBR – will use the No car, cold, and traveling in the AM excuse.

ON THE TRACK: Addis, Alter, Arndt, Barber (back!!) Boben B, Boben M, Bryant (owe him$$), Clark, Dever A, Dever S (singlet), Dogger, Fife, Gatchell, Garland, Griffith, Hickie, Jackson (Anesthesia bound), Kirchner, Korenkiewicz, Luff, Maher, Maranan, McMillan J, McMillan D (I think), Moore, Mohler, Nephin, Newcomer M, Newcomer W, Petraco (400s- 1:10 1/2M), Rissinger E, Rissinger T, Southam, Sollenberger, Stauffer, Ubriaco, Watson G, Weida, New female from Bainbridge, and………

CHECK IN: Welsh, Oles, Roth, Brenner, Cope, Nesbit, Longenecker, Matula (Miami) , Mitchell, Richter C, Richter B, Horst A and S, Lyons, Wege, Hodge, Lachman (engagement momentum), Matthews, Bentz

…………….let me know if you were missed. 

Remember December 10th — Mandatory group run / Holiday Party

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