November 4, 2019

Superb night on the track tonight to bring in November and the end of daylight savings time. Group 2 and 3 did the 1200/400/400 workout while most / all of group one did the 1000’s.  Rumor from PG that group 2 closed with a  75 sec  400m – Coach Stoudt wants to see the tape.   We missed Eric who was not there to get his NYC Marathon beer – maybe next week. John and Chris took their “kids” thorough some swift 400/100s as they prep for NCAA Regionals. All but 2 PBRs consumed – hoping the Volvo is finally back next week. Lastly – I need Tom Luff’s email – he is feeling a bit neglected. Thanks.


ON THE TRACK: Addis,  Alter,  Arndt (my ride home),  Boben B,  Boben M,  Charles,  Cubbison, Delia-Hickey, Dever S, Dogger, Fife, Garland, Gatchell, Goodling, Hodge, Kirchner, Kleinhaus C, Lachman (he is back), Long, Longenecker B, Luff,  Lyons,  Maher,  Maranan,  Matthews, McMillan D,  McMillan J, Moore, Nesbitt D, Newcomer W,  Oles, Peterson L,  Petraco, Richter B, Richter C, Rissinger E, Rissinger T,  Roth S, Sellers A, Sollenberger, Stauffer, Stoudt,  Ubriaco, and Weida.

CHECK IN: Barber, Bentz, Bergman, M, Boben J, Brenner, Cope, Dever A, Geissinger, Griffith, Gunzenhauser M/B , Harriger, Hopkins (election momentum), Horst A, Horst S, Kalinowski, Korenkiewicz, Matthews, Matula, Mitchell, Mohler, Nephin (LNP momentum), Newcomer M, Southam, Stoltzfus J, Stratman, Wege, Welsh, Zook, Watson L, and Zook.

Upcoming events:

Meg’s 5K race this Saturday at Central Manor — 9 AM

Harrisburg marathon – this Sunday  (Newcomer, Zook, Stoltzfus ? others)


Weekend Racing Results

TCS New York City Marathon; New York, NY

Eric Stratman — 2:38:51

Mag 5K Fall Flash; Wrightsville, PA

Bill Boben — 18:57 — 1st master

Martha Boben — 20:24

Mimi Newcomer — 23:16 — 1st female master

Gulliver’s Run 5K; Lewisberry PA

Justin Krebs — 16:38 — 1st overall

Cooper Run the Bridge 10K; Camden, NJ

Greg Cauller — 40:05 — 1st 60-64 AG

Dan Nephin — 40:33 — 2nd 50-54 AG

Brenda Hodge — 40:51 — 1st  45-49 AG

Bowdoin 25K Trail Race; Brunswick, ME

Jackie Boben — 2:07:16 — 2nd female

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