October 15, 2019

Beautiful October evening on the F and M Track with most of our group doing the 800s and a contingent of our faster guys taking on Brian’s 1.5 Mile repeats. All PBRs (32) consumed and most of the gallon of chocolate milk. Thanks to Ben and Lillian for the Amish lemon aide and apple juice… and the light came on early!. 

On THE TRACK:   Arndt, Alter, Addis, Boben M,  Boben B,  Charles, Fife, Gatchell , Geissinger, Kirchner,  King Oles,  Hodge, Nephin (clothes), Newcomer W, Long, Luff, Petraco, Simmons, Moore, Matthews, Dever (pumpkin beer for Alyssa),  Maher, Matula, Maranan, Miles, Ubriaco, Zook, Lyons, Shertzer, Nesbitt, Stratman, Sellers, Richter, Simmons, Stauffer , Wallick,  Wege, Welsh, Weida, Stoltzfus, Hickey-Delia,…and at least 3 more  

Check IN:   Barber (ribs), Brenner, Cope, Hopkins (Hobie), Roth (Minneapolis), McMillan J/D (Denver), Mitchell,         Watson L/ Watson G** (XC),  Boben J **, Lachman (injury),  Longenecker (XC) , Kennedy- Dever, Peterson, Southam,   Horst A/S,  Bergman,  Krebs J/C/N (XC), Mohler (XC), Newcomer M (XC), Garland, Rissinger E**, Rissinger T**, and…..

Upcoming events:

This Saturday – LNP 5K Marietta – race may be full, check the web site 

October 20 – Hershey Half-Marathon

Nov. 23rd – Phila Half_marathon and Rothman 8K

Nov. 24th – Philadelphia Marathon

Dec. 14th – USATF Club XC Nationals


Weekend Racing results:

24th Steamtown Marathon; Scranton, PA

Alyssa Kennedy — 2:59:48 — 2nd female overall

Reading Hospital Half-Marathon; Reading, PA

Georganne Watson — 1:20:47 — 2nd female overall

Luke Peterson — 1:31:48

Oregon Dairy Corn Pickin 5K; Lancaster, PA

Lyle Stauffer — 16:58 — 1st overall

Tim Getz — 17:02

Marilla 14-mile trail race; Bradford, PA

Bobby Longnecker — 1:31:06 — 1st overall

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