October 1, 2019

Strong turnout on the Track last night for our First October / hopefully last Hot evening for track workouts. Special beer awards to Johh, Meg, Team Watson, and Luke Peterson.  All PBRs consumed plus 75% of CM, Thanks again to Walter for the much needed water.

ON THE TRACK: Addis (2), Alter, Arndt, Barber, Brenner,  Boben B, Boben M, Kirchner,  Fife,  Charles, Hartlaub, Hickey, Hodge,  Lyons,  Matula,  MacMillan D (off track) , Nephin,  Newcomer M, Newcomer W,  Maher, Maranan, Oles, Stoltzfus J, Stoltzfus L,  Long,  Luff, Seller, Garland, Geissinger, Goodling (coach) Griffith,  Petraco , Matthews, Richter, Shertzer,   Roth, Nellinger,  Nesbitt D, Southam,  Gatchell, Moore,  Simmons, Stauffer, Southam, Stratman, Stoudt (coach), Wege, Weida, Zook,  and…..at least 3 more

CHECK IN: Lutz, Zielinski, Cope, Weiss M/O, Bentz,  Boben J**,  Mitchell,  Mohler, Sollenberger,  MacMillan J, Rissinger E **, Rissenger **, Team Dever (A/S), Maranan, Previti, Longenecker

Weekend Racing Results:

September 28, 2019

Hands-on-House Half-Marathon — Lancaster, PA

John Matthews — 1:18:49 — 1st male

Meg Griffith — 1:35:19 — 1st female

Mike Wege — 1:30:51 — 1st 55-59 AG

Glenn Mohler — 1:34:26 — 2nd 55-59 AG

First Energy Akron Races — Akron, OH


Brenda Hodge — 1:31:08 — 1st 45-49 AG


Dan Nephin — 3:17:19 — 4th 50-54 AG

USATF Mountain Running Championships — Waterville Valley, NH

Katie O’Regan — 1:14:03 — 14th overall

York White Rose 5 Miler — York, PA

Tom Luff — 28:39 — 2nd 25-29 AG

Lyle Stauffer — 28:48 — 2nd 35-39 AG

Georganne Watson — 29:40 — 1st female

Christine Krebs — 37:24 — 2nd 35-39 AG

Mimi Newcomer — 37:31 — 1st 60-69 AG

Michael H Wise II 5k — Reading, PA

Mimi Newcomer — 22:51 — 3rd female, 1st 60+

Mighty Man Montauk Triathlon — Montauk, NY

Martha Boben — 2:24:12 — 1st female

Bill Boben — 2:24:24 — 1st male 55-59

Upcoming events:

Hartz 5K this Saturday at 9 AM.  Check with Nich Lachman if you need a New Club Singlet

F and M Holiday WOW — Save the Date  DECEMBER 10th

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