September 24, 2019

It appears to have been a good night again on the F and M Track based on attendance and decent weather. Justin Geissinger had other committments but were on the track at 6 AM (instead of 6 PM) – hoping all are accounted for but let me know if you were missed.  All PBRs and CM consumed….Jeff

CHECK IN: Wege, Cope, Harriger, Bentz, Fife, Boben J**,  Mitchell,  Horst A, Watson G and L, Mohler, Sollenberger, Welsh  MacMillan D, Newcomer M, Brenner, and the Gunzenhause-Weiss trio

ON THE TRACK: Geissinger (AM), Kirchner (AM), Fife (AM), Addis, Hickey, Hodge, Kalinowski, Matula, MacMillan J, Newcomer, Kennedy, Maher !, Maranan, Oles, Stoltzfus J, Hopkins, Luff, Seller, Arndt, Dogger, Cubb ?, Wogelmuth, Garland, Alter, Franze ?, Peterson, Petraco (post beer drop off),  Matthews, Roth, Boben, Nesbitt D, Southam, Barber, Gatchell, King, Moore, Gutierrez, Simmons, Stratman, Getz, Weida, Zook (I saw him at 530),  Nephin…and  let me know if you were misses. .

Coming up:

Sept. 27 –  IAAF World T/F Championships start in Doha (women’s marathon Friday afternoon) see TV lisitng 

Sept. 28  –  Jeremy’s Poker Run; Hands on House 1/2 M

Oct. 5 – Hartz Fall Blast 5 K

Dec. 14  –  USATF Club XC Nationals (may want to wait until Nov. 1 to join – membership will last through 2020)

– continue to check the web site for updates and also any suggestions put forth to Laura 

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