September 10, 2019

Although our days are getting shorter, weather was almost ideal for the 800s (6-10) run by most of the club last PM –  all CM and water consumed, and a few PBRs returned home with me (due to absence of Nick, Otis, and Zach😉)

ON THE TRACK: Addis, Alter, Arndt, Boben B, Boben M, Brenner, Bryan, Charles, Delia S, Dever, Fife (BQ), Garland, Geissinger, Getz, Goodling (coach), Griffith, Hickie, Hodge, Hopkins, Horst A, Kennedy, Kirchner, Lachman, Long, Longenecker R,  Luff, Maranan, Matthews, McMillan J (thanks for D-IPA!), Mohler, Moore, Nephin, Nelligan, Nesbitt D, Newcomer W, Petraco, Richter, Rissinger E, Roth, Sellers, Stoudt (coach), JOE, Xavier, Theresa,  Southam, Stoltzfus J, Watson G (+ 2), Watson L, Weida, Wogelmuth, Zook, and …

CHECK INS: Cope, Dubs, Oles (Brazil)*, Matula, McMillan D*, Boben J*, Mitchell, Bentz, Previti, Oliver (FLA)*, Stauffer*, Horst S, Lutz*, Lyons, Shertzer, Sollenberger. (* – workout done)

Coming up:

Sept 14th: Jay and Denise’s run / gathering  Please RSVP 

Sept 28th:  Saturday AM “Poker” 10-miler – check in with Jeremy

October 5:  Hartz Fall Blast 5K – check in with Drew if you want to help and not run

October 19: LNP 5K Race Marietta River Park 

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