September 3, 2019

Busy and crowded night on the track – most did the somewhat erratic Furman workout of 400/200/1600/600/200 but a variety of other solid workouts including 600s , 6 x 400, 2 mile tempo …All PBRs consumed, all Chocolate milk consumed and 2 bottles of Champagne toasting Becca and Carl’s new beginning…more singlets dispensed by Nick. 

ON THE TRACK:  Addis,  Alter; Arndt;  Barber, Bentz, Boben B; Boben M;  Bryan, Charles,  Dever,  Dogger, Fife B,  Fife A , Gagliardi (+3) Garland, Getz, Hodge, Horst A, Horst S, Hopkins, Joe from IUP,   Kalinowski,  Kennedy; Kirchner  King + 4; Lachman,  Long, Longenecker Billy; Luff,  Maranan,  Matthews, McMillan, D; McMillan, J,  Moore,  Mohler, Nephin, Nesbitt D,  Newcomer, W,  Peterson, Petraco; Mr. and Mrs. Richter,  Roth, Shertzer, Simmons, Southam,  Stauffer;  Stratman, Stoltzfus, Ubriaco, Watson, L, Watson G + 2,  Wege, Weida,  Zook, Kaitlyn and least 3 others whose names I do not have……

Checking IN: Bentz,   Boben J*, Cope, Brenner, Sollenberger, Lutz,  Gatchell, Newcomer M, King,  Matula (Pittsburgh), Mitchell, Oliver (FLA), , Oles*, Rissinger E*, Rissinger T*,  Hickie-Delia*, Lyons, Longenecker, Welsh*, Stoudt, Goodling (coaching)

What lies ahead:  

  • Sept 4th Caleb G racing Hoka One-One Long Island Mile  


  • Sept 5th – F and M XC Alumni 5K vs Millersville @  Baker Field 6 PM
  • Dec 14, 2019   USATF Club XC nationals @ Lehigh Univ.
  • Feb 29, 2020   Olympic Marathon Trials  Atlanta, GA

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