August 20, 2019

Yet another hot Tuesday on the F and M track, almost everyone did the challenging 5 x 100/200/300/400 work-out. A gracious thanks to Isabel for bringing her birthday # 69 to the track complete with carrot cake and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Some much-welcomed rain fell late in our workout.

Happy birthday, Isabel!

ON THE TRACK: Addis, Alter, Arndt, Boben B, Boben M, Fife B, Fife A, Bentz, Bryan, Wogelmuth, Charles, Garland, Gatchell, Geissinger, Hickie, Hodge, Hopkins, King, Kirchner, Long, Lyons (back), Matula, Nephin, Newcomer M, Newcomer W (reliable water guy!), Oles, Roth, Shertzer, Simmons, Southam, Sponaugle, Ubriaco, Watson G (+ 2 – new singlet), Watson L (new singlet), Zook, Miles, Kaitlyn, Sellers (new), and….

Check-In:  Brenner,  Peterson, Griffith, Cope, Lachman (singlets needed), Weida (x3), Petraco and Longenecker (hanging in Asheville NC),  Lutz, Maranan, Mitchell, Moore, Mohler, Oliver, Dubs, Stauffer, Richter, O’Regan, McMillen D and J,  Sollenberger…

Continue to check the web site for other club race results, events, workouts,  runs, etc. Laura has been doing a great job with updates/  Nick Lachman should be at the track next week for those who still need a New singlet or want another – cost is $25. …..jeff

Last Saturday’s Coffee & Cars Run:

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