July 30, 2019

Another Hot July track practice at F and M but his month is now just about over. Groups 2/3 did a great job with Shelby H’s 1200/400/400 x 3 workout. Not sure if group 1 managed all 20- 400s after the 1.5 mile tempo but as always everyone there was putting in the work – I doubled back from the AM with 8×400 with some good pushes by Dan, Walter, Jackie, and Doug…all but 4 PBRs and all CM consumed before the welcome rain arrrive. The group 1 guys along with myseld introduced Tom Luff (Penn State) to the FRIDGE. 

ON THE TRACK: Addis, Arndt, Alter, Bentz, Boben B, Boben J, Brenner, Bryan,  Charles,  Dever,  Fife (AM) ,  Garland (suffering but having fun), Geissinger,  Getz, Harriger, Hartlaub, Hickie, Hodge B and E, Kalinowski, Kennedy, King A,  Kirchner, Lachman, Long, Longenecker, Luff, Matthews,  Matula, McMillan D,  McMillan J, Maranan, Moore, Nephin, Nesbitt, Newcomer W, Oles, O’Regan Peterson, Petraco,  Richter, Rissiger, Roth,  Shertzer, Simmons, Sollenberger, Sponaugel, Wallick, Watson G, Watson L,  Weida, Wogelmuth (Isaac’s brother in law) and whoever I forgot —  let Laura B and I know.

Check INs: Oliver, Barber (CA), Bentz, Bergman, Cope,  Gehman (CA) ,  Dubs**, Griffith, Mitchell, Mohler**,  Oles, Mitchell, O’Regan, Richter, Shertzer, Southam, Stauffer, Wege,  Zook**.

AUGUST 3rd  5:00  –  60th b-day – Foodbank 6K run/ race @ 238 N Mary Street. followed by plenty of refreshments and fun. 

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