July 23, 2019

Finally a better weather night on the track last night with the majority of the runners hammering out the 24 X 200s’ – I owe everyone 6. Thanks again to Tracy (63) who got the cooler and myself to the track when the 92′ Volvo refused to start. All beers and CMs consumed. After a 3 week hiatus the water cooler is back in Walter’s hands. THANK YOU to Jeremy for the ride home. 

ON THE TRACK: Arndt, Alter, Boben J, Brenner, Bryan,  Charles,  Dever,  Fife (new AG), Garland, Griffith, Hickie, Hodge B and E, Horst A, Horst S (my running motivator), Kalinowski, Kennedy, King A, Kirchner, Lachman, Long, Longenecker, LUTZ (back!), McNeil, Matthews, Matula,  MacMillan D,  MacMillan J, Moore, Nephin, Newcomer M (running well!), Newcomer W, Oles, O’Regan, Peterson, Rissinger T,  Richter, Roth, Shertzer, Simmons, Sollenberger, Southam, Stoltzfus J, Stoltzfus L, Wallick, Weida, Welsh,  Zook, Tom (Penn State) and at least 2 others. 

Check INs: Addis, Barber (CA), Bentz, Bergman, Cope, Dogge (NY), Gatchell,  Gehman (CA), Geissinger, Lachman, Petraco, Maranan, Dubs**, Pendleton, Lyons,  Mitchell, Mohler, O’Regan, Sponaugel,  Rissinger E**, and Stauffer.

*Nick Lachman has placed the order for new singlets, he did get extras so if you did not request, you can still let him know and also Venmo the $25 to him to reserve / secure your size.

*Aug 3rd 5 pm — Jeff’s 60th Foodbank 6K. Many have responded, hoping for a good turnout. We are still working on “race” logistics. 

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