July 16, 2019

Another Hot Tuesday night on the track – most knocked out the 1 mile/ 1 mile / 4 x 400 workout. Rain damped the post-work PBR etc consumption, however, all but 2 remained (along with Nate Alter’s special beer for his Utica performance)

Group photo from this weekend’s Boilermaker race:

ON THE TRACK: Alter, Arndt, Alter, Bentz, Boben B, Boben J, Brenner, Dever, Dogger, Fife B, Fife I, Getz, Griffith, Hickie, Hodge, Horst A,  Horst S,  Kalinowski, Kennedy, King A, Kirchner, Lachman,  Long, Maher, Matthews, Matula, McMillan D, McMillan J, Moore, Nephin, Oles,  Peterson,  Riehl, Rissinger E, Richter / Shertzer (our water kids!), Simmons, Sollenberger, Southam, Stoltzfus J, Stratman, Ubriaco, Wallick, Weida,  Welsh, new Sarah, and at least 2 others…

CHECK INs:  Addis, Barber, Bergman**, Gatchell, Gehman, Petraco, Charles, Cope, Longenecker,  Maranan**, Newcomer,  Dubs**, Pendleton, Bentz**,  Bergman**, Lutz, Lyons, Mitchell, Mohler,  O’Regan,  Sponaugel, Rissinger T, Zook, Watson G,  Watson L, and Stauffer.       

Upcoming activities:

JULY 18th — 10th Beer Mile 8 PM start @ F and M  (spectators and volunteers welcome!)

July 20th —- Nick 1st City Run – 10 AM (?) from Luke Peterson’s home

Aug. 3rd —-  Jeff’s 60th 6K birthday run/race                 

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