June 25, 2019

Great last work-out for the month of June – started a bit warm, but better as the sun faded from the track. Large contingent did the 400s (despite Brian’s absence) – great to have Vicki and Leah back running with us. ALL post-track fluids were consumed…No FRIDGE meeting was held.

ON THE TRACK: Addis, Alter, Arndt, Bentz*, Bergman (axes) Boben B, Boyer (in from OR), Brenner, Bryan, Cauller, Dever, Dogger, Fife, Geissinger, Getz, Henderson, Hickey, Hopkins, King, Kirchner, Lachman MBA, MS, Long, MacNeil, Maher, Mohler, Moore, Matula, McMillan J, Newcomer M, Newcomer W, Peterson, Richter, Rissinger E, Rissinger T, Roth, Simmons, Stauffer, Stoltzfus, Stratman, Ubriaco, Wege, Welsh, Weida, Zook.

Check-In: Oles, Garland, Cope, Griffith, Mitchell, Dubs, Bentz, Watsons, Pendelton, Harriger, McMillan D, Southam, Lyons, Shertzer, Gehman, Kennedy, Previti, and Sollenberger,

Still working on new racing singlets — hopefully in the next few days. Check in with Laura regarding runners profiles.

July 18th — BEER MILE – let me know if you want a bib # (so far – Shertzer, Griffith, Kirchner, Nephin, Sponaugle, Petraco….)

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