June 11, 2019

A beautiful but windy night on the track ended last evening with us pushing Ashley’s car in the F and M lot while Jeremy clutch started this aging vehicle and enabling him to make it back (I hope to Ephrata). The majority of our runners did the 1000s last evening at variable paces (3:12 – 4:30 reported). ALL PBRs and CMs duly consumed thanks to the late efforts of group one. A reminder again regarding track etiquette – keep 1 and 2 open.

ON THE TRACK: Addis. Alter, Arndt, Barber, Bentz, Brenner, Bryan, Charles, Dever, Cauller (spect), Petraco (asthma), Hickey, Fife B, Fife A, Gatchell, Garland, Getz, Griffith, Horst A, Horst S (great pacing!). King A, Johas, Lachman, Longnecker, Long, MacNeil, Maranan, Matthews, Mohler, Nephin, Nesbitt, Newcomer M, Newcomer W, O’Regan, Peterson, Simmons, Southam, Stauffer, Stoltzfus, Stratham, Ubriaco, Weida, Welsh, Zook.

CHECK IN: Shertzer (AP Ohio), Pendelton, Previti, Wege (Col), Gehman, Lyons, MacMillan D, Richter, Oles **, Boben **, Kalinowski, Mitchell, Kennedy, Oliver (Fla) **,

At the track: Nephin, Hodge, McMillan, Cauller, Petraco (Asthma).

Remember to check the web site for upcoming events and the link to Coach JACK DANIELS I sent out yesterday regarding your interval paces based on race pacing – it is quite good and based on some solid data.


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