May 6, 2019

Hot but well-run ladder intervals on the F and M Track last evening where we were joined by several new runners and the return of an “old” runner – Scott Pendleton back from California; Jeremy did not lead us to the Fridge this week but we now have a club water cooler thanks to the efforts of Ange, Katie, and Walter. 

ON THE TRACK: Arndt, Barber P, Bentz, Boben B, Boben J, Bryan, Charles, Dever, Dogger, Gatchell, Gehman, Harriger Hodge, Horst, Getz, Groff, Kalinowski,  Kennedy, King A (and Family!), Kirchner,  Krebs J,N,  Krebs C, Lachman, Maranan, Matthews, Matula, McMillan D, McMillan, Nesbitt, Newcomer,  Oles, O’Regan, Peterson, Petraco, Richter(solo), Rissinger E,          Rissinger T,  Roth,  Simmons,  Sollenberger, Southam, Stauffer,  Weida, Welsh, Long, Wooley, and..?

CHECK IN: Addis (Maine), Cope, Wege, Lutz*, Delia, Longenecker, Brenner, Bryan, Dubs, Nephin, Garland, Oliver*, Weiss-Gunzenhauser, Oles, Shertzer (dog emergency),  Lyons, Ubriaco, Zook, Fife (injured), Previti, Hummel (new grandchild)

• Red Rose Run – June 1st – sign up via Sam for a team on register solo on line / goal of 25 runners for the club

• Girls on the Run”  May 18th –   please email Amanda Nesbit  ( if you can help volunteer, a great event held Saturday AM at F and M 

• Last Chance Meet Swarthmore College –   Mon. May 13th (Isaac, Brian, Nick, Otis, and Caleb will be racing)

• Running movie at Zoetroopois theater May 11th “Ledlesnler Trails in Motion”  @  12 noon and 3 PM 

Weekend Racing

Another very solid and full weekend of racing by the club highlighted by Jeremy’s comeback sub 1:20 half and Peter’s Boston qualifier in Pittsburgh. A 10 mile PR for Brian at Broad Street where we had a large showing; including Andrew MacNeil finishing in 56:33. Sub 1:30 half for Mark Oles in Germany; a 6K win for Julia in Malaysia, and close to home in Millersville – nice wins for Isaac and Alyssa at Turkey Hill Country Classic.

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