April 30, 2019

Late wrap-up this week due to a multitude of reasons, including a post-workout meeting on W. Walnut/Pine St – but I will try to include everyone even though I only arrived about 7 pm.

Special beers for Cody and Ashley – and ERIN Dubs (singlet) is now official with the club. Honey Stinger samples are now gone so be sure to consider ordering going forward and mutually support our relationship with them. For those wanting “elite” sponsorship, you have to apply individually…some of our group one runners have already done this.

And belated thanks to Bill Boben for keeping lane one open and enforcing my ban on headphones while running. 🏃

ON THE TRACK: Addis, Alter, Arndt, Barber P, Boben, Bryan, Cope, Dogger, Dubs, Gehman, Hodge, Getz, Kalinowski, Kenney, Kirchner, Lachman, Maranan, Matthews, Matula, McMillan D, McMillan J, Mohler, Nephin, Newcomer, Oles, O’Regan, Peterson, Petraco, Richter, Shertzer, Simmons, Sollenberger, Southam, Stauffer, Weida, Zook, Long, Wooley, Welsh, Previti,  Gatchell, Griffith, Longenecker.

CHECK IN: Wege, Lutz*, Brenner, Bentz, Harriger, Newhook, Krebs C/J, Garland, Charles*, Oliver*, Weiss-Gunzenhauser, Lyons, Ubriaco (DC), Fife (injured), Dever**.

** Broad Street 10-miler this weekend as well as Pittsburgh full/half marathon – we will be well-represented at both events.


Weekend Racing Recap

21st Race Against Racism — Lancaster, PA


Isaac Bryan 15:54 — 1st overall

Nick Lachman 15:56 — 2nd overall

Otis Ubriaco 16:06 — 3rd overall

Yancy Maranan 18:50 — 2nd 35-39

Phil Garland 19:17 — 1st 55-59

Bill Boben 19:18 — 2nd 55-59

Dan Nephin 19:32 — 1st 50-54

Sam Dever 19:40

Brenda Hodge 19:54 — 1st master

Luke Peterson 19:42

Alyssa Kennedy 19:42 — 3rd female

Erin Dubs 20:11 — 5th female

Peter Barber 20:16 — 2nd 50-54

Jeff Kirchner 21:38 — 3rd 55-59

Doug Arndt 22:35 — 2nd 60-64

Virgin London Marathon — London, England


Mike Wege 3:14:56

9th Gettysburg Marathon — Gettysburg, PA

Ashley Sollenberger 2:57:39 — 3rd overall /Boston qualifier

Novo Nordisk NJ Marathon — Asbury Park, NJ

Cody Kalinowski 2:58:10 — Boston qualifier

York Spartan Half-Marathon — York, PA

Katie O’Regan 1:22:05 — 1st female overall

St. Luke’s Half-Marathon — Allentown, PA

Chris Addis 1:57:42

DeSoto Grande 5K road race — Bradenton, FL

Bob Bergman 23:04 — 1st 60-69 AG

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  1. JEFFREY Kirchner May 1, 2019 — 11:06 pm

    Nice work by ALL !

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