March 19, 2019

Cool but Windless night on the track – nice moon for the cooldown and PBRs. Workouts including 2min on/off; 500m/300m, and 10 x 800s.

ON THE TRACK: Addis,  Alter, Arndt, Bentz, Boben B, Boben J, Boben M, Brenner, Bryan, Charles, Cope, Dever, Delia (and dog – Tugboat), Dogger, Fife, Griffith, Hodge, Horst A, Kalinowski/+ new swimming runner, Kennedy, Kirchner, Lachman, Lyons,  Matthews,  McMillan J, Mohler, Nephin, Newcomer, O’Regan, Peterson, Petraco, Rissinger E, Rissinger T, Sollenberger, Southam, Stauffer, Stoudt, Ubriaco, Weida, and Welsh.

CHECK-INS: Wege, Barber, Dubs, Previti, Oles, Harriger, Maranan, Matula, Sponaugle, Zook, Gehman, McMillan D, Geissinger, Horst S (in person), Norton (OR), Lutz, Garland, Mitchell, Oliver (FL).

Be sure to check the club web site for Laura’s additions/photos and Sarah’s racing result weekly updates. Contact any of us with any corrections, suggestions and (Positive) comments.

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