March 5, 2019

Considering the track was not runable – we had a reasonably good turnout tonight for miles around the perimeter or in the neighborhood. Start was a bit erratic – there were many solid check-ins / the majority of whom did run today, these are noted in bold.  Let me know if you were missed – but hopefully not too many.  

AT THE TRACK:   Alter, Brenner, Richter, Dogger, Kirchner, Garland, Nephin, Shertzer, Matula, Fife, Petraco, Bryan, Weida, Charles, Gagliardi, Hodge, McMillan J, Kalinowski, Peterson, Simmons, and Oles.

CHECK IN: Southam, Hickie-Delia, Mitchell, Kennedy, Dever, Lyons, Addis, Wege, Previti, Newcomer, Longenecker, Cope, Dubs, Matthews, Sponaugle, Geissinger (14 years with Sarah!), Stauffer, O’Regan, Gehman, Sollenberger, Barber, Bentz, Oliver, Mohler, McMillan D, Zook, Griffith, Ubriaco, MacNeil, and Lachman.

And if you have the time would recommend again watching the Kejelcha indoor mile from Boston this past weekend and Free Solo on National Geographic.

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