February 26, 2019

Thanks to Peter and Dan for providing track support last evening. Hoping there was adequate PBR as the attendance was quite good. Hoping next week will be warmer – it will be lighter outside!

ON THE TRACK: Chris Addis, Nate Alter, Doug Arndt, Peter Barber, Isabel Bentz, Bill Boben, Jackie Boben, Laura Brenner, Sarah Delia, Sam Dever (back), Erin Dubs, Bill Fife, Phil Garland, Caleb Gatchell, Ryan Gehman, Meg Griffith, Brenda Hodge, Cody Kalinowski, Alyssa Kennedy (back!), Jeff Kirchner (6 AM), Nick Lachman, Yancy Maranan, Jeremy Matula, Jay McMillan, Denise McMillan, Dan Nephin, Walter Newcomer, Tyler Newhook, Luke Peterson, Brian Petraco, Emily Previti, Richter, Ashley Sollenberger, Lyle Stauffer, Zach Simmons, Eric Stratman, Otis Ubriaco, Peter Weida, and Stephen Welsh.

CHECK IN:  Wege (Tokyo), Shertzer, Lutz, Mitchell, Southam, Dogger, Geissinger, Bergman, Zook, Zukus, Oliver.

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