February 19, 2019

Great turnout tonight as we beat the snow and logged some seriously long workouts on the track – hopefully, the group 1 guys were able to drink the PBRs that I put next to the F and M van. 33 runners if my count is correct. / 18 check ins.

Remember to check the F and M web site for photos, alternative workouts, and races for the weeks ahead. 

ON THE TRACK:  Addis, Alter, Arndt, Barber, Bentz, Boben B, Brenner, Charles, Cope, Delia, Dubs (welcome!), Garland,  Gatchell, Gehman, Griffith, Hickie-Delia, Kirchner, Lachman, Lyons, Maranan, Matula, Mitchell, Nephin,  Newcomer, Newhook, Petraco, Peterson, Hodge, Simmons, Sollenberger, Southam, Stratman, Weida, Welsh, Zook!

CHECK IN (* means workout was completed):   Wege, Fife, Previti, Mohler, Bergman*, Stauffer *, Zielinski, Oles*, McMillans Jay and Denise*, Shertzer, Richter, Kalinowski, Longenecker *. MacNeil*, Lutz, Matthews *, Dever, Kennedy, Harriger, Geissinger *

Wildcat Weekend

This past weekend was the clubs annual Wildcat Weekend at Peter Barbor’s place on the York side of the Susquehanna.

Here are some pictures from the gathering at Pete and Kara Barber’s weekend Susquehanna abode. Pete and his wife were wonderful hosts. The weather was great, albeit, a little windy.  The setting was fabulous.  And the food was fabulous.

Great running, great food, great people.

What more could you want?!

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