January 29, 2019

Tuesday Workout

January workouts are officially over (for most) despite some significant snow and plunging temps (my toes are currently numb) a good turnout on/at the track – some of us stayed on the track/others went over to School Lane Hills/ Baker.  I will combine all who came/ ran / checked in:

ON THE TRACK/Checked-in:  Addis, Boben B, Bentz, Gatchell, Krebs J,  Krebs C, Bergman, Kirchner, Newcomer, Barber, Maranan, Lachman, Bentz, Delia S, Oles, Previti,  Lachman, Stauffer, Griffith, Welsh, Dogger, Nephin, Garland, Shertzer, Richter, Fife, Peterson, Kalinowski + F&M Sr, Stratman, Weida, Alter,  Lutz, Charles, Matula,  O’Regan, Hodge, Weiss-G, Cope, Stauffer, , Harriger, Gehman, Mitchell (LRCC Runner of the year), McMillan J and McMillan D, and Wege (CO), Brenner, Charles.

Late check-in: Longenecker, Pearson, Schuler, MacNeil (all Lititz), Petraco, Ubriaco / Simmons (Y Treadmill), Zielinski (Malaysia), Sollenberger (family momentum), Arndt (plowing momentum).

Track and roads may be a bit challenging the next few days, so make the treadmill or X-training your friend. Also a good time for some strength training. Hoping next Tuesday will be more runner friendly.

Weekend Racing

No weekend racing to report.

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